Westdeutsches Robotikzentrum


With over 2,300 thoracic surgical cases, the Department of Thoracic Surgery and Thoracic Endoscopy is one of the largest and most important in Germany and Europe. The surgical team conducts around 1,300 open chest operations and a good 1,000 minimally invasive endoscopic procedures annually. In addition to in-patient hospitalisations, roughly 2,000 outpatient cases are treated per year. This concentrated expertise means the best possible care for our patients – even more so by implementing a less stressful, minimally invasive procedure using the daVinci surgical system.

With the daVinci system, a significant increase in minimally invasive interventions can be expected. More than 80% of our patients are in for the surgical treatment of malignant tumours such as lung cancer or lung metastases from other tumours. In the early stage of lung cancer, the use of the daVinci system is particularly well suited.

Patients who are surgically treated with the daVinci robot undergo significantly less pain, recover more quickly and can often be sent home after only a few days. These benefits have been well documented and can be re-confirmed every single day.

Thoracic Disease Specialists

Our experienced specialists provide competent care for our patients. Our responsible employees are qualified thoracic surgeons and partly general, visceral or cardiac surgeons. In addition, the Ruhrlandklinik, a subsidiary of the University Hospital, is a training centre for thoracic surgeons and offers a fully accredited training program.