Westdeutsches Robotikzentrum


Improved Operability – Fewer Side Effects

The precise movements under optimised visibility conditions permit a gentler surgery: an abdominal incision can be avoided in most cases. This means quicker recovery after surgery, less pain and complications. Patients with significant obesity particularly benefit as the body mass index is technically no longer an issue when it comes to operability.

Known Processes

Important for you: The da Vinci® system does not operate by itself. It can not be programmed and can not make independent decisions. Instead, the da Vinci® system is completely dependent on the direct actions of the surgeon who performs the individual operational steps.

When using the da Vinci® robot, our patients are always supervised by at least two representatives of the medical profession: the surgeon and his assistant team. At least one assistant must accompany the surgeon during the operation. This team member assists with tasks such as instrument changes and passing the optimum da Vinci® instrument which will be needed for the next operational step.

The surgeon operates using the console controls. Its operation will be scaled down by the da Vinci® system and filtered into precise movements of the miniaturized instruments delivered on patient trolleys. A tremor reduction minimizes unintentional movements, allowing the da Vinci® instruments to generate more accurate results than a human hand.