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Operations still represent a burden on the body, however, with the daVinci surgical robot, large skin incisions may be avoided in a number of cases. The recovery process is much quicker and fewer complications arise.

It is possible to be used for benign and malignant diseases.

Applications for benign diseases:

  • Removal of tumours located in the middle mediastinum, so-called mediastinal tumours (thymomas, mediastinal cysts)
  • Removal of localised pleural benign tumours such as neuromas, fibroids and schwannomas
  • Laparoscopic diaphragmatic plication in patients with one-sided diaphragmatic paralysis
  • Surgery for bronchiectasis or lung sequestration

Malignant tumours are cancerous tumours. They can also be removed very precisely with the daVinci surgical robot – provided they are diagnosed at an early stage.

Operations of malignant diseases:

  • Removal of a lung lobe (Pulmonary Lobectomy) for early stage lung cancer
  • Removal of segments of the lung (Segmentectomy) in the case of small tumours