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Range of Interventions with da Vinci®

The da Vinci® allows heavy interventions with only a few small incisions. With this system, the surgeon can operate under better conditions, such as improved visibility, higher precision and more control than with conventional approaches to surgery.

This means a relatively larger range of surgical procedures: Previously, da Vinci® was used for all interventions of minimally invasive heart surgery to minimally invasive cancer surgery in order to treat diseases that are very different from one another: from prostate cancer, endometrial cancer to morbid obesity and mitral regurgitation. In the field of gynaecology, da Vinci® can be applied to a hysterectomy (removal of the uterus), endometriosis, a myomectomy and Sacrocolpopexy (prolapse of the uterus or the vaginal vault). In the field of surgery, operations are mainly in focus, where the possibilities of laparoscopic procedures have been exhausted, such as for complex tumour operations on the colon and rectum or operations on the chest.